Supertrees is an exciting community based, environmental project, with a main aim to improve the bio-diversity, wildlife and air quality currently present within the City of Chester.

The inspiration for the Chester Supertrees project was born when Sir David Attenborough, as part of the final episode of his Planet Earth II documentary, enthused about the success of Supertree Grove in Singapore’s revolutionary nature park and botanical garden. He talked about the ecosystems that exist within cities, in particular the Gardens by the Bay project, where the Supertrees are located. Within this regeneration, an environment has been created through metal structures that support a variety of plant life that would not usually grow within a City.

“There is very strong evidence to show that maintaining a connection to nature is good for our health”

Fredi Devas,
producer of the Cities episode of Planet Earth II

The proposal for Chester’s own version is on a much smaller scale but it still looks to achieve some of the same environmental and social goals as the Supertree’s in Singapore.

The building of steel structures, in the shape of trees that allow various climbing plants to thrive within the city, increasing the plant diversity, which in turn will increase the animal and insect diversity. The proposed structures, will in many ways resemble a tree, constructed from a lattice work of steel that branches out at the top.

The Supertrees would be an asset Chester, a place for residents and visitors alike to go to relax and contemplate, bringing a piece of countryside into the heart of the City.

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