Chester SuperTrees is a community based project with a goal of reaffirming a connection between us humans and the natural world. This project is based around the construction of stunning metal trees, made of a lattice work. Their design provides an environment for various climbing plants to survive in the City, which they would not normally be able to do.

This increase in plant diversity will lead to an increase in insect and bug diversity which in turn will increase the bird population and diversity. The Supertrees will be around 5-7 meters in height and will have solar panels within them, which will power the lights embedded within the tree. This space will also be an educational centre where there will be carbon monitors producing data which can be analysed; educational murals; and potentially augmented reality functions, creating a wealth of eco-information.


Biodiversity is a term that describes the variety of living beings on the earth at any one time. It is basically the degree of variation of life forms. Biodiversity includes microorganisms, plants, animals and ecosystems such as forests, rainforests, coral reefs and deserts. Biodiversity also refers to the abundance or number of different species living within a particular area or region.



In the 1970’s the World Wildlife Fund for the first time, started taking some accurate statistics on the number of vertebrate species we have on earth. Back then, this was estimated to be around 2.3 million. The same surveys were repeated again in 2016, measuring the number of species at approximately 1.3 million. Our earth has developed a plethora of species since the Cambrian Explosion and the idea that human expansion has wiped out half of all vertebrate species in 40 years is truly devastating.

Looking to improve Biodiversity is any effort which looks to sustaining any natural area, made up of a community of plants, animals, and other living things. The planets Biodiversity as a whole is reducing at a steady rate as humans destroy habitats in order to supply goods and services that us as consumers demand.

By making Biodiversity a priority and focusing our efforts on retaining and creating more green spaces within our Cities, we are capable of slowing down the decline. By taking control and making our Cities greener, we are capable of creating a richer environment for ourselves and any animals and insects that share the space with us.

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